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Daddy Are You Listening: Another Whisper From Noelle

A new book for parents, grandparents, and children to explore emotions and feelings together.

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Noelle's Whisper

Daddy Are You Listening

While walking in the park one day, Ashley-Ann is not sure her daddy listens to her. She shares the week’s exciting events, and his mind is elsewhere. Ashley-Ann remembers that her friend, Noelle, an angel, recently visited and whispered an important message in her ear. Noelle told Ashley-Ann that her daddy was trying to listen, and she needed to help him. That day in the park, Ashley-Ann learned how to help her daddy be a better listener and what it means to listen to each other. Children and families can explore feelings and values with this caring message. Listening is the first step to caring, kindness, and showing you understand the ones you love. This insightful story will be a favorite among readers of all ages.

Grandpa Don’t Worry

One night, Ashley-Ann receives a very special visit from her friend, an angel named Noelle. In a series of whispers, Ashley-Ann listens closely to hear important messages that she needs to share with her Grandpa. Through Noelle, Ashley-Ann discovers Grandpa has feelings too. He sometimes worries. He wants Ashley-Anne to understand the importance of family values, which include love, strength, caring and kindness. 
Knowing that Ashley-Ann learns about these “Loving Lessons” from Noelle, makes her Grandpa very happy. With these caring messages, children and families can explore feelings and values together, and what it means to be kind and to understand each other. This insightful story is sure to be a favorite among readers of all ages.

A Whisper from Noelle

One night while lying in bed, Ashley-Ann receives a very special visit. An angel named Noelle comes to her with a series of loving whispers, each with an important message. As Ashley-Ann shares the angel’s whispers with her mommy, readers are given the gift of wisdom that Noelle brings to Ashley-Ann. We learn that knowing how to feel will bring kindness, compassion, courage, and the ability to be true to ourselves. This nurturing, insightful story is sure to be a favorite with readers of all ages.

Grandpa Don't Worry:  Noelle Whisper Series

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Grandpa Don’t Worry, Another Whisper from Noelle is available at major book stores online and can be purchased in paperback, hardcover, and ebook.

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A Whisper from Noelle:  Noelle Whisper Series
A Whisper from Noelle is available at major book stores online and can be purchased in paperback, hardcover, and ebook.

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Book Reviews

  • A Whisper from Noelle

    “The book is so beautiful, I love it. And of course, I cried. Thank you for writing it and for sharing it with me.”

    Jess B-T
    New Jersey
  • A Whisper From Noelle

    “I absolutely love it. From the time I started reading till the end I had tears in my eyes, this book is so beautiful and leaves a wonderful message.”
    Claire D
    New York
  • A Whisper From Noelle

    “A Whisper from Noelle” is a phenomenal children’s book that also sends an important message to adults in expressing the importance of feeling our emotions deeply. I am so impressed with how relevant the content is among multiple age groups, and I really appreciated the message. This was a lovely reminder to take time to pause and truly allow ourselves to FEEL.”

    Raquel R.
    Washington, DC
  • A Beautiful Story

    A very touching story of a young girl hearing an angel’s whispers of love, encouragement and self-worth. Teaches valuable lessons to children and serves as a valuable reminder for adults. Well written with warm, welcoming illustrations. Highly recommended!

    United States
  • Everyone Needs an Angel

    A “Whisper from Noelle” is a warm story that imparts a lot of love. Every child deserves to have his or her own angel at bedtime. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be touched by an angel, and an angel that whispers sweet thoughts is definitely a keeper. Children will ask again and again to listen to this story and hopefully their own angel will whisper them to sleep.

    Donna O'Donnell
    United States
  • Much More Than A Children's Book

    I’d recommend A Whisper From Noelle to parents, educators, grandparents and anyone who wants to learn the secret to strengthening their communication.
    Having read the book, it’s even helped me to better understand my children’s feelings as young adults. With the upcoming holidays, it’s a meaningful gift.

    Wendy Glavin
    New York
  • A Sweet Gift

    For people who suffer from mental health issues, I would highly recommend this book – there’s no shame to have mental health issues, and as a matter of fact, we are actually lucky enough to have a little angel like Noelle that constantly looks down upon us. If you know anyone or simply have people in your life that you adore, this is a sweet gift for them.

    Le Han
    United States

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Daddy Are You Listening:  Noelle Whisper Series

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